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Seamless Silicone PushUp Bra

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Super Thick Silicone Invisible Push Up Bra

Soft and comfortable to wear
No bra straps or back buckle, no burden on your shoulders.
Waterproof, Reusable, easy to clean!

Important!!! Before choosing the size, please carefully read the size guide below to choose the right size.

Note: "A" means upper bust, "B" means underbust.
"AB" means Upper Bust Size Minus Underbust Size.

If their difference is 10.0cm , Pls place order ONE cup
If their difference is 12.50cm , Pls place order Cup B
If their difference is 15.0cm , Pls place order Cup C
If their difference is 17.50cm , Pls place the order Cup D



1) Cleanse and dry your skin, but keep away from moisturizers, heavy soaps, powders, oils, and perfumes - they just make it difficult to put the adhesive on.
(2) Lean forward to position your breasts, then check the mirror to make sure your figure is perfectly even.
(3) choose your lifting level. For more cleavage, position the cups further. For a slightly more subtle shape, place them closer together.
(4) apply cups one breast at a time. And go slowly - it's easier if you take your time. Hold the cup by the edges with both hands. Turn it inside out and secure the adhesive to your skin by tapping it lightly with your fingertips, starting in the middle and working towards the edges.
(5) Connect the front closure and press the cups firmly with both hands to secure the grip.


(1) Gently wash by hand in warm water with mild soap. 
(2) Only use the palm of your hand to wash, brushes or fingernails may cause permanent damage to the adhesive.
(3) Rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry. Store in the original case.
(4) close after cups completely dry.
(5) Do not machine wash or dry.


To prolong the life of your Style Secrets, DO NOT :

(1) Dry the towel or place the adhesive surface on the clothes.
(2) clean with any object other than the palm of your hand (see care instructions).
(3) clean with alcohol. Bleach or any other cleaning solution
(4) remove the adhesive, it will damage the surface.
(5) use sharp objects near this product. If you accidentally puncture the cups, use an adhesive bandage to prevent further cracking


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